Online Templates In Visual Studio 2015


In this blog, I am explaining how to insert online templates in Visual Studio 2015. Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 provides a new feature called online templates. First, you can search online templates and you can download them, as per your need. We have templates for new templates, components, technologies like F#, MVVM. Visual Studio 2015 provides the ability to search Online Templates.

Steps for online templates in Visual Studio 2015

Step 1

Open Visual Studio 2015 and click File -> New ->Project

Step 2

Click Online -> Templates -> Visual C#.

Step 3

Select any template or technology from the list item.

Step 4

Click to download the selected item.

Step 5

Click install button.

Run the Application, once the Application has completed the project creation.

Finally, view the output in the Browser for AdminLTE template.