Optimize the Images in ASP.NET/ MVC on Just Click

This article will help you to optimize your image on just click.

Now we all know that wensite/web project might have the multple images , loading the image may take too much time because of the size of the image. So optimization is essantial.

So here is the tool which will help you to Optmize the image on single click.

Step 1: Download and install the image optmizer from location given.

Step 2: Check the size of the images in your website by Select All Image >> right click >> Properties.


Step 3: Right click image folder and click on Optimize images,

Optimize images

After clicking optimize images, you will get status of % of image optimized as below,


Step 4: Just check the size of the image again.


This way you decrease the size of image with little bit compromising the quality.

Hope you will enjoy the Image Optimization.

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