Order Pricing Is Not Updated - Integration With BC


Recently while working in one of the customer environments, we found sales orders automatically submitted to BC without pricing details as soon as the order is created, as shown below:
Order Pricing Is Not Updated - Integration With BC
I am going to share some details on how I fixed this issue.


This environment has sales order integration enabled and we have developed a custom workflow for customers where they create orders from the Customer Asset. While troubleshooting, when we try to create an order using a console app we saw an order is created correctly with price calculation based on the order line items but not automatically submitted. Another thing we noticed is that when some users were creating orders from the UI those were not submitted automatically but when some user was creating order those were submitted automatically without any price calculation from the line items. This finding directed us to look into the difference between user-profiles and while looking at the documentation we found this:
Order Pricing Is Not Updated - Integration With BC
So we changed the below setting to false for the user (earlier it was true).
Order Pricing Is Not Updated - Integration With BC
After disabling this setting, automatic submission of the order stopped and we were able to see the price calculation happening without any issue.


In this post, we saw how we can resolve the Sales to NAV integration issue where the price is not calculating based on the order line product before sending the order to BC.
I hope this will help someone!

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