Outright Impacts Of Technological Imparting For HRM Functions

In the business world, technology is expected to enhance the performance of each business function including one of the most precious organizational resources, human resources function. It is expected to shift the focus of administration or personnel management to strategic human resource management. This is where the phenomenon of HR function transformation starts leading to integration of each employee with significant operational processes on a single platform with the assurance of turning the results into a perfect organizational resource planning system. The consequential impacts of such technology imparting are really capable of revamping organizational structures with their brilliant advantages.

Cloud – The first stepping stone with a flexible Agile advantage

 A web based HRMS which is not limited to traditional functions of human resource management or an extension of prominent project management tools linked with each individual employee's profile incorporated with complete human resource management function is a fundamental requirement to begin. Circulated flow of information through web based solutions and storage of required data in a cloud accessible from anywhere that also can be archived and classified in one secure location has offered unprecedented flexibility to organizations.

Smarter approach to organizational data in its big data form

It has become easy to identify the emerging as well as changing trends of organizational work practices. Simple analysis can perfectly answer the crucial questions such as how the work flow is moving, who could benefit from additional training, which is the critical resource aspect affecting the delivery of particular projects without any assumptions and prejudices. This kind of analytics also helps in making better administrative, recruitment, and resource allocation related decisions.

Distinguished control through micro managed monitoring systems

Monitoring and controlling employees has always been a complex process as ultimately human beings are being dealt with. Technology offers a more of self-service type working culture which has been proven more effective in terms of nurturing productivity through increased participation of each individual. Organizations may need to conduct several additional activities to keep the human bond strong though.

Energized social interactions

As each member organization is connected through a single system, communication can be coordinated without the location constraint. Conveying wishes for special occasions like birthdays or performance-based achievements has become just a matter of one click supporting the organization in being a social center for its employees.

Enhanced employee ecosystem

The traditional way of working systems considers structure as a triangle: individual employee, reporting manager and HR personnel for a majority of the employees. Technology has made it possible to consider a working system that considers an employee’s individual working ecosystem encompassed by reporting manager, HR team, senior management, and other project related contacts and so on leading towards optimum psychological impacts for productivity.

Flow of information

I can be about the instructions for a particular task or project or it can be the policies, news, and publications from the organization, a constant flow of information across the organization is a fundamental expectation that technology successfully fulfills.

End to End process automation

In a broader context, optimum utilization of human resources is a day to day activity. From getting acceptable productivity to making them feel worthwhile to nurturing them for next level job roles it is a continuous process. Technology helps in creating an independent and automated working system with the least requirement of physical supervision.

It also reduces efforts of the HR team bothering about tedious tasks such as collecting and maintaining HR relevant information from each employee as employees can update their information by themselves through web portal type solutions and HR professionals just need to focus on interpreting that information. Management team can also be freed from observing and analyzing manual reporting processes. Task based work allocation with flexibility creating a pool of teams and possibilities of multi level communication makes the entire work flow automated.

The actual execution of this perfect organizational resource planning system enables HR professionals, project managers and other key positions of middle management to act and perform as a strategic partner of business organization. The ideology of each employee being a potential contributor to the organizational ecosystem can move a step ahead towards reality. It is all about a shift of transactional activities to strategic ones.

From information to automation to interaction and then to envisioning it all, the reinforcement of technology consists of many challenges and requires in depth analysis of each business and human aspect. Technology providers pay more than enough attention to all required research and development endeavors to come up with the best solution that assist businesses in accomplishing their aspirations.Along with several other options, liferay portal solutions are getting increasingly popular for leveraging the best out of technological advancements due to its open source flexibilities.