Perform Office 365 Import PST Service By Network Upload And Drive Shipping

There are lots of facilities and features provided by the Microsoft to make data transactions much easier, one of which is Import Service in Office 365. These can help transfer multiple Outlook data files (.pst) directly to the Office 365 Exchange online mailboxes. There is the Office 365 import PST service which has been introduced just for this purpose. It helps with moving bulk PST files over to the new platform. It is a safe and default procedure offered by the company. It is often referred to as ‘drive shipping’.
There are other similar options which I briefly describe in this post. Keep reading to find out all of the relevant details regarding the topic. Moreover, you will also find out more about the Office 365 Import Service limitations that may be shocking but we will handle that as well.

A Little Insight on Office 365 Import PST Service

Office 365 PST Import Service is available to move Outlook data to cloud accounts. Microsoft has made it very easy for us to get all the data items to cloud. It helps new customers and clients move over to O365 easily. It can be used by a company, IT expert, or any regular individual. All it needs are the administrative credentials to work. There are two different ways to perform the export. They are listed below:
  • Network Upload
    It is a direct method to upload PST files to Office 365. It requires adding each data file to a temporary location on a cloud over the network. It uses Azure application to perform the migration. Then, the O365 import service can be used to transfer the .pst files to new accounts in Office 365. An administrator determines which data file of the Office 365 import service preview needs to be sent to which mailbox.

  • Drive Shipping
    This is a somewhat indirect method of importing PST files into Office 365 mailboxes. It is a simple procedure to copy the data files on to a BitLocker-encrypted hard drive. Then, ship it over to Microsoft Data Center. The company personnel will directly upload the data to their servers. It can be found in a temporary Azure storage location. The O365 PST import service can be used to copy data to user accounts in Office 365 organization.

Need for Office 365 Import PST Service

Following are some of the reasons that Microsoft introduced this service,
  • This was introduced after great feedback from users about the difficulty in uploading large amounts of data.
  • It would keep an admin system busy and consume all bandwidth during network upload. Many professionals look for workarounds to upload PST files to Office 365 cloud.
  • It could potentially take years to transfer years of data for over 1000 employees.
  • It is a much faster method of the comparison and is more efficient. There are chances of data loss or corruption if the internet shuts down for a minute. The drive shipping method avoids this possibility.

How Does It Work?

There must be proper planning in place before using Office 365 import service to migrate pst-files. This includes collecting different data files from end users and network locations, calculating their number, and creating a CSV mapping each PST to a target mailbox. Then,  you need ot prepare the drive and ship it to Microsoft Data Center team. It will take months depending on the amount of data as well. The user needs to understand that Office 365 import service is only helpful to move all the data items to Office 365 so that they get all the systems synced.
Modern technology has provided us with lots of facilities to make our everyday tasks a lot easier. There are solutions for everything available in the market which can be the first choice for many professionals who never want to explore import service with Office 365. It makes any data transfer much easier and more accurate. There is one such Office365Import solution which is recommended by experts. It can migrate emails, contacts, calendar, tasks in a few simple steps. There are multiple options to conserve time and effort by applying date filters and including only selected folders.


There are always default programs offered by a company that most users are unfamiliar with. They look for answers in Microsoft blogs and forums but could not gather the right information. This post can help others understand all that there is about the Office 365 import PST service. It is available to all those looking to upload PST files to Office 365 Exchange Online. It is a simple procedure and all the important details have been precisely described here. It is easy enough to implement. If a user still faces difficulty there is an appropriate alternative also mentioned.