Pie charts in Power BI

Pie Charts is one of the most used and simple to understand graphical form of a report. It gives a graphical view of different portion from the whole.

Below are the steps to create a pie chart:

  1. First click or drag the pie chart onto your working sheet.

  2. It is now time to insert the required values to create the pie chart.

  3. For this example I am using an age distribution pie chart. Drag the field that you want to create a pie chart for, and drop it in the Legend.

4.  Now again drag the same Age field and drop it in the Values. This will result in pie charts as shown below .
5.  We can further add details to the given pie chart. For this example, I am breaking down the age with gender. Therefore, drag the gender field and drop it to Details.   
6.  Below image shows the difference of entering a field in the Details to not having any value in Details.   
7.  This is how we create a pie chart in Power BI. If require, you can also add a page level filter to this chart.   

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