Plan For Information Management Policy In SharePoint Online 2013 Office 365

Information policy

Information management policy in SharePoint 2013 is a set of rules, which can be applied to a list, library, folder or content type to manage the availability and behavior of the content.

With Information management policy, we can easily automate the process for archiving or retaining the records.It can be reused when certain conditions are met.

Policies can be implemented to help an organization comply with legally mandated requirements.

Steps to create Content Type policy Templates in Office 365:4 are given below.
  1. Open your SharePoint Office 365 site.
  2. Click site settings icon to open the page given below.
  3. Select the Content type policy templates under Site Collection Administration.
  4. Navigate to the Create Page, followed by Policy .
  5. See the screen given below.

Ente the name and administrative description, which are shown to list managers, when configuring policies on a list or content type.


Policy statement

The policy statement is displayed to the end users when they open the items subject to this policy.

The policy statement can explain which policies apply to the content or indicate any special handling or information, which the users need to be aware of.


Schedule how content is managed and disposed by specifying a sequence of retention stages.

If you specify multiple stages, each stage will occur one after the other in the order; they appear on this page.


Specify the events, which should be audited for the documents and items subject to this policy.


Assign a barcode to each document or an item. Optionally, Microsoft Office Applications can require the users to insert these barcodes into the documents.


You can add a label to a document to ensure that important information about the document is included when it is printed.

To specify the label, type the text; which you want to use in the Label format box. You can use any combination of fixed text or document properties, except calculated or built-in properties such as GUID or CreatedBy.

To start a new line, use the \n character sequence.

If information management policies have already been created for your site as site collection policies, you can apply one of the policies to a content type.

By doing this, you can apply the same policy to multiple content types in a Site Collection, which does not share the same parent content type.

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