Posting Data In Python


In this blog, I am going to show how to post data into a demo form in Python. It will post the user data into a demo form in the web browser.
Software requirement
Python 3.5 and IDLE (Python 3.5) or above
Programming code
  1. #Posting data in Python  
  2. #import packages  
  3. import requests  
  4. #post data  
  5. mydata={"name":"raj""email"""}  
  6. #request  
  7."", data=mydata)  
  8. #output statement  
  9. f=open("myfile.html","w+")  
  10. f.write(r.text)  
About the code
First, I am importing the request modules.
Next, set posting data and request to a demo form page.
Finally, I have written the output statement to show the result in a web browser. Then, let’s execute the code.
Before executing the code.
After executing the code.
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