PowerApps Customized List Migration Process


Hi guys, let’s try to learn the complete steps involved in order to List a Customized PowerApps Form Migration manually to another Tenant/Site Collection.
First Log in to Portal.office.com
Go to your Target SP Online List
For getting the List ID, please follow these quick steps,
Finding the Id (GUID) for a SharePoint List:
  • Navigate to the SharePoint list using the browser.
  • Select the Settings + List Settings menu command.
  • Copy the URL from the browser address bar into Notepad. It will look something like:%7B83975a52-09b5-44d2-adc5-b1b485f881cf%7D
  • Just ignore other values and extract the above Highlighted List-ID/GUID for your Target List.
Go to your same PowerApps List >> List Customizations >> Save >> See All Versions >> Export Package
Under ‘Export Package,’ click on the ‘Configure’ icon available.
Select Create as New option as shown below and Submit.
Now click Export Button & save it on your desktop. Do not forget where you saved the file.
Unzip the exported package from where you saved it. It contains 2 items,
Microsoft.PowerApps & manifest.json
Navigate to the Microsoft.PowerApps folder structure deep down “Microsoft.PowerApps\apps\” and open ‘.json’ file available.
Open the File Contents on a Visual Studio Code Editor and update all the below-mentioned sections by using Cntrl + F,
  • "dataSources"
  • "dataSets"
  • "embeddedApp"
Just replace all the Site URL, List URL, List ID with your Target List details after searching the above-mentioned sections and save the File.
After updating the content, copy and paste it in the same RandomNumber.json file that is mentioned in step-3 and saves it again.
Now zip the below files and folder structure (which has the modified JSON file). Make sure the hierarchy remains the same in the zipped file. Remember where you saved the zip file.
Come back to SharePoint Target List and carry out the steps given below,
In the source environment, save List as a template (*.stp)
Upload the stp file to target Site (_catalogs/lt/Forms/AllItems.aspx)
Important: create a List in the target environment with the same internal name as in the source (to make sure we are getting the replica of the List).
You can use Modern OOTB features or PnP PowerShell to Create a Cloned List in the Target Site Collector.
Go to https://web.powerapps.com & Login using the target Tenant credentials.
Go to the Apps section and click on the “Import-Package (preview)” option.
Browse and upload your updated package (the newly zipped file).
Upon package upload, it navigates automatically.
Click on the ‘Import’ option on the Top section.
Click on the “Open app” link option.
Now if you save the App, you would see it is saving to your target SharePoint site.
One more thing you need to do is delete the existing Data Source and create a new one with the target SharePoint List. Now, you will see that the Data Source name is the same as the List name in the target. This avoids giving any errors for data cards on the Forms.
If there are related SP Designer Workflows please follow the steps to migrate it too by using the Export/Import Visio Designer concept as mentioned in my previous blog.
For a detailed understanding, I have placed a few related snapshots along with an explanation in a Zip File. Feel free to download it and check if you are still stuck somewhere in implementing the whole above process. 
IhHope this is helpful. Happy PowerApps migrating!