PowerApps - How To Create A Weather App

In this blog, you will see how to create a Weather app using PowerApps. I have created a simple blank app with Phone layout using PowerApps Studio in which I have added a text box, radio, search icon, and four labels on the screen. I have also connected it to the MSN Weather data source.

MSN Weather Connector

MSN Weather gets you the very latest weather forecast, including temperature, humidity, precipitation for your location.

Refer https://www.carlosag.net/PowerApps/Connectors/MSN-Weather for all actions and triggers.

Select Search icon and for OnSelect property, enter UpdateContext({Weather, MSNWeather.CurrentWeather(txtLocation.Text, radioUnits.Selected.Value)}) in the formula bar.


Similarly, for all four labels, set the formula.

Set Temperature label text - Weather.responses.weather.current.temp & " " & Weather.units.temperature


Set Conditions label text – Upper(Weather.responses.weather.current.cap)


Set feels like label text – "feels like " & Weather.responses.weather.current.feels


Set UV Index label text - "UV Index " & Weather.responses.weather.current.uv


Hit F5. Enter the city name, units, and click the Search icon.