PowerApps - How To Hide And Show A Card Based On A Certain Condition In The App

In this blog, you will see how to hide and show a card based on a certain condition in the app.

I have automatically generated an app named Employee Details in a custom SharePoint Online list which has Name, Designation, Department, Location, Email and Mobile Number.  I am going to add a checkbox named “Show Mobile Number”. Based on the checkbox selection, the Mobile Number card will be shown or hidden.

Hide and show a card based on condition.

Navigate to Employee Details app created in a custom SharePoint Online list.

Edit the app using PowerApps Studio. Navigate to "Details" screen and insert a checkbox.


Select "Mobile Number" card and select "Visible" property. Replace the value “true” with the below formula in the formula bar. Please refer to If function for more details.


Hit F5 to preview the app.