Problem while debugging sharepoint timer job

Hello All,

Problem: While debugging the SharePoint time job

This is regarding debugging SharePoint 2o1o timer job. I am using Visual Studio 2010 and also working on SharePoint 2010.I have written one timer job in SharePoint. To debug SharePoint timer job we need to attach the process “OWSTIMER.EXE”. So to debug the SharePoint job I attached this process and ran the job. But the break point never hit in Execute () method of my timer job.

Did lots of research but couldn't succeed. Did the IISRESET but no luck. Close the Visual Studio and open again but no success.

Solution: One of the solution to this weird problem is restart the SharePoint timer services. “SharePoint 2010 Timer” is the SharePoint timer service. Restart this service, and in Visual Studio attach the “OWSTIMER.exe” process and now I could successfully debug the SharePoint job.

Thank You.