Procedure To Change SVN Logged In User Credential Details

In this blog, I am going to show you the procedure to change the SVN logged in user credentials with different user credential details. Let me give you one real time scenario where it helps. Let's say one associate is logged in into SVN with his/her credentials but now if the other associate wants to log in into SVN from his/her credential in the same system, then he/she cannot login into SVN with his/her credentials unless he/she follows the steps given below to change the SVN logged in user credential details

Step 1

Right click on your source repository. Let's say trunk folder and select TortoiseSVN => Settings.

Step 2

Select Saved Data option.

Step 3

Click Clear option.

Step 4

Select all checkbox list and then click OK.

Step 5

Click OK.

Step 6 

Now, try to get SVN Update.

Step 7 

It will prompt you to enter the user credentials.

Step 7 

Enter your user credentials and click on Save authentication checkbox.

Step 8 

Now, you received SVN updated with the provided user credentials.

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