Promotion Of Mobile App And DevOps Using Advanced Technology

Today the world is moving to a new horizon. Earlier, there were organizations that were developing products, whatever they might be, in their premises. To develop mobile apps, software, manpower and computers were required. But with the advent of ‘The Cloud’, the scenario has changed. Now, what is the Cloud? The Cloud is a term we generally use to refer to the use of computers, software, and other resources with the help of the data centers connected through the Internet.
DevOps is a modern approach towards an effective association between project managers, developers, operations staff to attain enterprise business objectives.
Before DevOps, the teams were segregated and as such communication was less, the time taken was greater, and there was a lack of coordinated effort among these departments. This further led to the customer shelling out more money for fewer features. As such customer dissatisfaction increased. DevOps has brought about a real change in the way the work was done. Some of the benefits that have accrued from DevOps include,
  • Continuous Software Delivery
  • Better Customer Experience
  • Faster Resolution of Bug Fixes/Problems
  • Higher Employee Engagement
  • Faster Delivery of the Product
  • More Stable Environment for Easy Deployments
  • More Time for Innovation
  • Increased Efficiency
DevOps is also known for its 6 c’s which are discussed in the upcoming paragraphs,
  • Under Continuous Planning, all the teams are brought together on a common platform to discuss the goals, scope and other things relating to the product.
  • Continuous Integration is following best-practices to provide error-free apps to the user.
  • Continuous Testing helps automate all the processes of the app in question. Testing is an integral part of the development process and can never be neglected.
  • Continuous Monitoring makes sure that the app is performing as it was supposed to be. Support should be provided if any flaw is noticed.
  • Continuous Delivery ensures that the production gets the latest updated release.
  • Continuous Deployment is the next to Continuous Delivery. Any change that passes the testing phase is deployed to the production environment.
Using DevOps for Mobile App Development can be very beneficial. But one has to stick to the 6C’s to get the most from the Mobile app. Once you do this, you will see that the app is performing well and you have found a new way to promote your app.
Using DevOps for Mobile App Development brings the following advantages,
  1. The user becomes able to come up with an even better version of his app than he would have done without DevOps.
  2. The time taken for the app to reach the user is less and the users also get the updates very soon.
  3. The use of DevOps for Mobile App Development reduces bottlenecks such as unpredictable development methods, manual testing, uncertainty in project progress, and bad communication.
Today individuals communicate with others in all across the world in various ways due to advancements in technology. One of the most trending ways for the latest technology to interact with others is through mobile phones. Nowadays, mobile markets are booming much like the PC markets in the late ’80s or early ’90s. This boom has also brought along with it a rise in the number and type of mobile apps. Every mobile app development company is seeking to outshine the other players in the app development market. However, it is not a simple game in the present day. Promotion of the mobile app is necessary, in order to highlight features of your product that make it different from the  plethora of mobile apps in the Playstore. Here are some tips to promote a mobile app,
  1. App Store Optimization
    Just like SEO for website optimization, this is the SEO for Mobile Apps, be it on AppStore or Google Play. Every app consumes a lot of effort and money so obviously it needs to have a unique identifiable name. ASO also takes into its perspective the relevance of keywords. Further, the reviews and rankings also help the app to gain popularity among users or in the store. You may also create videos about the way your app works to advertise it. Include some great screenshots to up the ASO score.

  2. Promotional Pricing
    This is one of the best ways to attract users to your app. You can offer coupons, or gifts while the users download your app.

  3. Create A Web Site or Write A Blog
    In the era of globalization, what better way than a web site or a blog to promote your app? Create a small site that describes the features of your app or better still write a blog. You may also include demo videos on your website/blog.

  4. Social Media
    Almost everybody, especially youth, is on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Ensure your app gets noticed by these target users. Create a page or an advertisement for your app on Facebook or other social media and notice the difference.

  5. Influencers Matter
    People who are known in the social circles, if they promote your app, then you can be certain your app is going to be liked. These days, many famous mobile games or apps are busy in influencing target audiences through the platform of social media. So why not create relations with such influencers to get you going.

  6. Get Featured on App Review Websites
    There are websites which review apps. You can request such websites to review your app. Before getting the review, however, ensure that your app is free from bugs, does not crash very often, has a unique graphical interface, and of course, review it yourself. Once you get a nice review from such a web site, users will rush to download your app.

  7. Update Your Apps
    It is a good idea to keep the app updated with new features. Nobody likes old apps these days. “Old is no more Gold”. People are fascinated by technology and being updated with the latest technology is the prime need to stay in the market.

  8. Create and Promote with Others
    When you start creating an app, make sure to get some ideas from your friends, colleagues, existing customers, and business partners. This ensures that you are supplying the features according to the market demand. When the app is ready, provide a trial version for review purposes to check any error. An app will be reviewed by the users who are going to use the app. An honest review is what you get.

  9. Unexpected Promotion
    Sometimes an unexpected way of promotion may yield better results. Instead of promoting online, meeting people one-on-one can also be useful. If you wish your app to be a favourite among the individuals, go for such a kind of promotion. You can provide handouts too during commute hours to let people know about your app.

  10. Attractive Logos
    Have a well-designed logo for your app that conveys the purpose of your app, or the company name. The logo should not be cluttered with a lot of text. It proves to be a hindrance in the logo design.