Pune Chapter Webinar 14th June: Official Recap

On 14th June, I had taken a webinar from Pune Chapter on “Getting Started with Web API”. The webinar timings were from 8PM to 10PM IST. There were around 35 people who attended the webinar from different parts of the globe.

The webinar covered the following topics:
  • Why Services?
  • Type of Services?
  • What is REST?
  • Features of REST
  • Web API Overview
  • Demo Application using ASP.net Web API (CRUD Operations)
  • SOAP vs. REST

This was my first webinar on C# Corner forum, therefore it was a new kind of experience for me and learned a lot from it. I want to thank all the attendees and hope to see them in coming webinars.

As requested by many people I am attaching the presentation and source code which I used during the webinar.

Please feel free to contact me, my contact details are given in the presentation itself.