My story and Tips to become Microsoft MVP

Received my first Microsoft Prestigious MVP Award 
Today, I’m so happy and excited to share with you all that I have received the most prestigious Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award. This day will be a memorable day in my life. Today morning, I received an email from Microsoft that I have been awarded the prestigious Microsoft MVP for Visual Studio and Development Technologies. 

Thank You Microsoft, India MVP Lead Biplab Paul and the entire Microsoft Team on considering me for Microsoft MVP award.

I would like to dedicate this Microsoft MVP Award to my parents who are not with me today. With all their blessing today I have achieved my life time goal.

Thank You Message:

I would also like to thank my family and friends for their understanding, support and encouragement.

I would also like to thank all my articles readers; with all your support, positive and negative feedback, I learned a lot, improving myself and with all your support today, I have received this prestigious Microsoft MVP award.

I would also like to thank our company CEO and all our colleagues for supporting and encouraging me.

I would also like to thank Dinesh Beniwal, Praveen Moosad, Mahesh chand, Atul Gupta and the entire C# Corner family for supporting and encouraging me.

I would also like to Thank Chris Maunder, Sean Ewington and entire Code project family for supporting and encouraging me.

I would also like to thank Ed Price and entire Microsoft TechNet Wiki family for supporting and encouraging me.

I would also like to thank Vincent Maverick Durano, Rahul Saxena, Gaurav Kumar Arora, Ronen Ariely and all others who have always supported and encouraged me to reach this success.

I believe this is not the end and I will continue my contribution for all community as same before and I believe I can give some more quality of article Thank you all :)

Now I’m a Microsoft MVP. I feel very proud and happy :)

Tips to become a Microsoft MVP
  1. Contribute more to the community by providing quality articles.
  2. Be active in community technical forums
  3. Write more innovative articles.
  4. You can write on any technologies.
  5. Be active in Twitter and in Facebook community groups.
  6. Usually, you contribute for 1 year before you nominate yourself for the Microsoft MVP. (for example if start contribute from July 2016 then till August 2016 continue your contribution as articles and in forums)
  7. Nomination to become Microsoft MVP by two ways. 1) Nominate by yourself, 2) Previous MVP's can nominate you.
  8. After a year completion you can nominate by yourself to become Microsoft MVP from the Microsoft MVP web site ( before you nominate be sure you have contributed for 1 year with Quality article and also in technical forums.
  9. Any previous MVP's can also nominate you.
  10. In my case I have nominated by me, I nominated myself 3 times but didn't get the award in first 2 tries. Third time, I nominated after 1 year of completion and finally got it.
  11. Thanks to Vincent Maverick Durano, who is 8-times Microsoft MVP. He messages me personally 1 month before and asked me why you didn't apply for Microsoft MVP. I replied that I already tried 2-times. He said ok I will nominate you. He was the first person who asked me for my Microsoft MVP award. He nominated me, after he nominated me, I got an mail from Microsoft as your friend has nominated you and also on the same day I got another email from Microsoft as I have been considered for the MVP award.
  12. Note: * Don't contribute just for the MVP. If you contribute only for that then sorry you are on a wrong path. Teaching others and contributions should be from our heart, be true to yourself and teach others. When I stared contribution to community I didn't know about MVP. I stared contributions in 2014. I was happy in the way as my articles are useful for someone. I will be happy even if one person get benefit from our article. Getting MVP is not an easy job. I have contributed for 2 years and so far, I have written nearly 70 articles. Whenever I publish articles, I feel it’s my first and best than previous and I always like to write innovative articles that make me feel better and think to make something new.
  13. Most important is we need passion and we need to love what we are doing. If we like and love what we are doing then we can get all the success.

About me: A Short Story about me, Sorry if I’m boring you all J

I started learning computer from my high school and during my under graduate, I started loving programing and in Post Graduation, I started working and playing with computer. Yes during my Masters' degree, I created a Website for a historical place named Thirumnalai Nayak Palace (google it to know about the palace) in our home town Madurai Tamil Nadu, India. I individually created a web site for the historical palace using ASP during the year 2003. I was in my 1st year of MCA when I created and hosted this website. I went to the historical place and collected all information and with their permission, I was the first to create the website. I planned to make a website which will be useful for tourists of the city. I  added all the information in that site and also few more important details and place to see in our city. I got very good response from family, friends, college and also from our city local newspaper. The published my work and website details in the newspaper. That was my my first job in computer field and from that time I love to work with computer and started my career.

After I completed my Masters' degree, I went to Chennai for a 6 month project work. My brother referred me to a company. I went there and the CEO gave me a project titled, “Ship Warehouse Management". He didn’t give much details but explained me the overall project details and ask me to get information myself. He said total project duration is for 15 days and I have to complete the warehouse management project within that time. I accepted the challenge. I visited a Ship Warehouse Company near Paris corner in Chennai. I didn't know anyone there but I went there and explained that I’m a student and I’m collecting information to complete my project. That company person helped me a lot and explained me in detail about warehouse management for ships. Then I started designing and building my project and created using JSP and SQL Server.

I completed my college project in 15 days which is actual duration is 6 month. I went to the company and demoed our CEO. He approved my work and pretty much offered me a job. I was so happy to hear that news and started my career from there. Today, I have 10+ years of experience in the field.

Why I’m telling this is if you love what you do then you will have more confidence in yourself and you can achieve all the success in your life.

  1. Be positive and teach what you know. Take criticism well and improve yourself.
  2. Community is like our family. Don’t be afraid to ask any doubt if you have. All of us are here to help and learn.
Hard Work, Hard work and Hard Work until you achieve. After achieve your goal, Don’t stop your community activities. Continue, Continue and Continue till you retired :)
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