Redmine Time Tracking

Preparing to track your work time in Redmine

Let's setup TMetric as it can correctly capture your work time from Redmine.

  1. Create TMetric account. It will take a few minutes.
  2. Install one of the following TMetric Browser extensions, depending on the Browser you prefer:

  3. After registration(optional), you can also install time tracking app for the desktop, so you can track your work activity in details.

Now, when you are all set, you can proceed to track the work time in Redmine.

Tracking time in Redmine. How does it work?

The TMetric extension adds the Start timer button in the header of a task in Redmine.

  • To start tracking the time for the task, click the Start timer button.
  • To stop the timer, click the Stop timer button.


Click the button and the time spent on a Redmine task will be logged in your TMetric account. The task is listed on the Tracker page in the TMetric Web Application. The name and ID of the task are same as in Redmine.

You can quickly navigate back to Redmine by clicking the task ID (in our case ID is #74920).

task ID