Requirements and features of MVC 6

Installation Required

  1. Download and install Visual Studio 2015 from MSDN.
  2. Try Visual Studio 2015 on an Azure VM.

New features in ASP.NET 5

There are many new nice features in ASP.NET 5. In this article we will review about following two features.

    1. New flexible and cross-platform runtime.
    2. New Modular HTTP request pipeline

New Flexible and Cross-Platform Runtime

ASP.NET 5 can be run on three runtimes:

  1. Full .NET CLR – It provides the entire API set and supports backward compatibility.

  2. Core CLR (cloud-optimized runtime) – The Core CLR is a lean (just 11 MB) and modular runtime. Modularity helps to include those features on need basis.

  3. Cross-Platform CLR – It is going to support Linux and Mac OS X

New Modular HTTP request pipeline

The new HTTP request pipeline is lean and fast. It provides better throughput. It also supports Open Web Interface for .NET (i.e. OWIN).