Resolve 'Connections to the SharePoint Server are Currently Disabled Because the Project is in Offline Mode'

How to resolve "Connections to the SharePoint server are currently disabled because the project is in Offline mode" in the cloud business app model.

The following blog will help to resolve about ‘connection problem in SharePoint 2013 Cloud business app’ .

Generally, the cloud business app model has been divided into four sections which is App, HtmlClient, App.Server and App.Sharepoint.

In this section App.Sharepoint section having responsibility about deployment configuration and settings and these properties will help us to resolve deployment problem at cloud app deployment level.

First time or sometimes we may have a chance to get following error:


How to solve it?

Simple, Change your project properties at app.sharepoint under Share point,


Let Compile and Run your project to deploy.

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Next give your credentials and find your business app in your site portal.