Roles Of Agile Methodology

In this blog, we will have a quick overview of the roles of Agile methodology in modern software development.
Project Owner
A Project Owner is the main person behind the business logic who prioritizes the requirements to be done. They have the duties to:
  1. Build and manage backlog (a list of tasks that are needed to be done).
  2. Give the team clear guidance for which features to deliver next.
  3. Decide when to ship the product 
Scrum Master
The Scrum master acts as a bridge between the project owner and the developer teams. Some of the Scrum master’s main duties are:
  1. Manage sprints (a chunk of tasks to be done in a selected time period, mostly two or four weeks time period).
  2. Help the developer teams to optimize their delivery flow.
  3. Manage resources for sprint planning, stand-up, sprint review etc.
Now, don’t think scrum master and project manager are the same person. They play totally different roles. Actually, a project manager is not a part of the Scrum Framework, so don’t get confused.
Scrum Team
Here come the superheroes of the project. A standard Scrum team may have,
  1. Five to seven members of different skill-sets.
  2. Persons with a team-playing mentality.
  3. No one becomes a bottleneck in the delivery of work.
The product is mainly developed by this team. They are the real players of this whole play.