Save Text File in SQL Server

When we can use create database,when we try to save the code then some time the following error occurred in SQL Server like this.
 The above error is occourd because when we want to any add any field to table then the it will not give the permission to add new changes to the table.the above error is occoured only when u want to add new filed to the exisiting record.
 Now I tell u how to solve this error.
 Step 1:

Go to the Tool Menu in the Menubar. and select Option.
 Step 2:
 Then go to Designers -> Table and Database Designers.
 Step 3:
 Then see the checkbox of Prevent saving changes that require table re-creation. Is checked.
 Step 4: Now unchecked the checkedbox.
 Step 5: Click on OK.
 Step 6: Now try to save the table it will be not show the above error it will be saved your changes.