Scriptlets In Unified Service Desk

Scriptlets are JavaScript code snippets like JavaScript Web Resources in Dynamics CRM. We use them when we need to execute some custom JavaScript code in USD environment.

I am assuming here that we already have one hosted control, which is an opening form to create a new case record.

To create a new Scriptlet, navigate to Settings -> Unified Service Desk -> Scriptlets -> Click + to create New Option,

For now, I have configured this Scriptlet on Action of new case to set case title field by adding title=[[$Scriptlet.Return12345]+] (using title=[[$Scriptlet.Return12345]] is also fine) in data field of action see below screenshot. Here Return12345 is name of our Scriptlet.

To verify, open USD now and navigate to hosted control, which is responsible for opening a new case form. You can see case title field is already populated with the data. Refer to the screenshot given below.