Service Applications In SharePoint 2013

The below are the service applications which exist in SharePoint Server 2013. Each service application is used for different functions, and the steps to enable the service are different for each service application. Please find the below list of Service Applications.

  1. Access Service
  2. Access Service 2010
  3. App Management Service
  4. Business Data Connectivity Service
  5. Excel Services Application
  6. Machine Translation Service
  7. PerformancePoint Service
  8. PowerPoint Automation Service
  9. Managed Metadata Service
  10. Search Service
  11. Secure Store Service
  12. State Service
  13. User and Health Data Collection Service
  14. User Profile Service
  15. Visio Graphics Service
  16. Word Automation Services
  17. Work Management Service
  18. Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Subscription Settings Service

The type of service applications in SharePoint is different from version to version. In some versions, it's a new application and in others, it’s the existing service application that is deprecated.

 I hope, the above information will help you to resolve the issues in case of any queries/questions regarding the above mentioned information. Please let me know. I would be more than happy to help you as well as resolve your issues.