SharePoint Designer 2010 E Book

Hello Guys,

We are almost ready with our EBook on SharePoint Designer 2010.

Current Status: Under Review.

This will be published with a week time. Exact date will be published my Mahesh. Please find below the detailed TOC. Expecting all your support on the same

1.         Abstract         

2.         System Requirements         

3.         Supported Operating Systems       

4.         Computer and processor:   

5.         Introduction  

6.         Summary of what's New    

7.         Governance  

8.         Redesigned user interface introduction    

9.         File tab           

10.       Site summary page

11.       Navigation pane       

12.       Gallery pages

13.       Summary pages       

14.       List & content type editors

15.       Navigation bar         

16.       Ribbon           

17.       Zoom to Contents    

18.       All Files view 

19.       Workflows introduction      

20.       Reusable workflows

21.       Export workflows     

22.       Association columns

23.       Associate workflows with content types   

24.       Site workflows          

25.       Edit the workflows included with SharePoint Server       

26.       Design a custom approval process

27.       Impersonation steps

28.       Visio integration       

29.       Workflow visualizations      

30.       InfoPath forms         

31.       Sub steps & new workflow actions           

32.       XSLT List View Web Part introduction       

33.       Shared XSLT templates for better performance   

34.       Reverting the XSLT Customizations made easy now       

35.       Create Data Views from the Ribbon          

36.       Apply conditional formatting from the Ribbon    

37.       Share view styles and apply them from the Ribbon        

38.       External content types and BCS Introduction       

39.       Create external content types in SharePoint Designer 2010      

40.       External lists   17

41.       External Lists in SharePoint Workspace

42.       External Lists in Outlook     

43.       Business Data columns, workflow, and Word      

44.       Installation    

45.       Share Point Designer 2010 Best Practices

46.       Recommendation    

47.       Working with SharePoint master pages   

48.       Difference between Master Page and Content Pages      

49.       Benefits of Master Pages     

50.       Types of SharePoint 2010 Master Pages  

51.       Required place Holders       

52.       How to customize the master page           

53.       Customizing Master Page in SharePoint Designer 2010

54.       How to Deploy Master Page           

55.       Working with Pages

56.       Enable AJAX Options in List View Web Parts        

57.       Views and forms Web part in SharePoint Designer 2010          

58.       Working with Data View Web parts          

59.       How to preview Data View Web part        

60.       How to Use Data view web part to Show Data from SQL Server           

61.       Data view Migration issues 

62.       XSLT List View Web part     

63.       How to Create a XSLT List View Web part in Designer 2010      

64.       How to modify XSLT List View Web Part using conditional formatting

65.       XSLT List Form Web Part    

66.       Data Form Web part

67.       List Form Web part  

68.       InfoPath Form Web Part     

69.       Adding Custom Action to Ribbon UI         

70.       Adding a Custom Action to SharePoint List Item 

71.       Adding Custom Action to List Form Ribbon         

72.       Working with Workflows    

73.       SharePoint Workflow Demo           

74.       Exporting Designer 2010 workflow to Visual Studio       

75.       Working with External Content types        

76.       Creating External Data column for list       

77.       Creating External List            101

78.       Customizing Blog Site Using Designer 2010        

79.       Backup Restore in SharePoint Designer 2010      

80.       Back up a Web site   

81.       Restore a Web site   

82.       Import Web site wizard       

83.       Publish Web site      

84.       Conclusion