SharePoint Designer 2010 Essentials Book Released

Philadelphia, PA — November 29, 2011 — C# Corner and Mindcracker Network is pleased to announce the free e-book titled SharePoint Designer 2010 Essentials by Destin Joy and Mahesh Chand. The book can be downloaded from here.

SharePoint Designer 2010 Essentials

This EBook is designed to give SharePoint developers an introduction and overview of the features in Microsoft® SharePoint® Designer 2010. It begins with a brief introduction and a summary of what's new, followed by a more in-depth discussion of the most pertinent features of Designer 2010. 

We can use SharePoint Designer 2010 to create end to end solutions on top of SharePoint using functionality such as the Data View web part, Workflow designer, manipulating web part zones, creating page layouts and use of the built-in reports; just to name a few. We truly believe in it and always mention to our customers that they should very seriously consider using SharePoint Designer in their environment and to take full advantage of their SharePoint investment.

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