SharePoint Online Image Gallery

Here, we will discuss SharePoint Image Gallery with clickable links on the image, which is a simple to use and a beautiful widget.

Recently, we were in very much need of an image gallery to showcase our site. Of course, we have it in OOB in SharePoint online from Microsoft, but the functionality that was missing in it was the ability to add the redirect link.

So here, I come with the functionality to create redirect links an ad lot more options.

Now you can choose between the three layouts, within the same webpart
  • Grid 
  • Carousel
  • List 


  • Responsive
  • Select the image library to display from.
  • Can create Redirect links on image click (Need to have Redirect <single line of text> column).
  • Choose to create a link or not
  • Choose the number of images to display in a row
  • Choose the total number of images to be displayed
  • Autorotate in Carousel
  • Read More option in List view
Grid View

Carousel View 

List View


Easy and not much of the configuration required.

You can try and get the source from,

Try it and let me know about your experience via Comments section