Sharing A File Or Folder In SharePoint


There are several different options for sharing a file or folder.
Share to Anyone with the Link
This option gives access to anyone who receives this link. This may include an external user of your organization.
Share to Users (In Your Organization)
This option gives access to any user in your organization who has the link access to the file or folder, as long as they receive it directly from a shared user or they are forwarded the link from someone else.
Share to Users with Existing Access
This option can be used by the user who already has access to the file or folder. Just send a link to that user who already has access.
Share to Specific People
This option gives access only to the specific user you specify. If the user forwards the sharing link to users who already have access to the file and folder.
How to Share a File or Folder to Anyone with the Link in SharePoint Office 365
  1. Select the file or folder.
  2. Click the Show Action in the right to folder or file.
  3. Click Share.
  4. In the Link Settings window, select Anyone with the link. If this option is greyed out, it needs to be turned on in the SharePoint admin center.

  • Ticked mark on Allowing editing checkbox and enter an Expiry date for the link.
  • Choose Apply.
  • In the SendLink window, enter your user’s email address, type a message, and choose Send.
  • Your user will receive an email with your message and a Link to your file or folder.
  • The user gets access to the contents of the folder or file shared.