Shortcut key for Visual Studio 2010

In this Article I am giving you the Shortcut key for your IDE – Visual Studio 2010. It will help you in large projects where you can use these shortcut keys to make execution of your projects fast.

Opening up the Visual Studio

Ctrl + Shift + N Create a New Project
Ctrl + O Open up the file
Ctrl + Shift + O Open up the Projects
Ctrl + S Save the Current Project Page
Ctrl + Shift + S Save all the Projects Pages
Ctrl + Shift + A Open up the Add New Item for the Project
Ctrl+ F4 Close Current Tab
Ctrl + Shift/ Ctrl + F6 Go to Next Tab

Code Editor Shortcut: Find Replace and Go To

Ctrl + F Find and Replace
Ctrl + Shift + F Find in all Files
Ctrl + G Go to Line Number
F3/Shift+F3 Find Next/Find Previous
Ctrl + J Go to matching brace in source file
Ctrl + Navigate to Dialogue Box
Shift + Alt + F12 Quick Find Symbol
Alt + F12 Find Symbol

Select Text

Shift + Arrow Keys Extend selection one character/one line
Ctrl + Shift + Home Extend Selection to the beginning of line
Ctrl + Shift + End Extend Selection to the end of line
Ctrl + Shift + ] Extend Selection to next brace
Ctrl + W Select Current Word

IntelliSense and Code Helper

Ctrl +Shift + Space Show Parameter Info
Ctrl + F12 Display Symbol Definition
F12 Display Symbol Declaration
Ctrl + J Open Intellisense Completion List

Build and Debug

F6/ Ctrl +Shift + B Build Solution
Ctrl + Alt + F7 Rebuild Solution
Ctrl + Break Cancel Build Process3
Ctrl + \ + E Show Error List
F9 Toggle Breakpoint
Ctrl + B Insert new function Breakpoint
.F5 Start Debugging
Ctrl + Alt + E Show Exception Dialogue Box
Ctrl + F11 Toggle betw. Disassembly & user code view
Shift + F5 Stop Debugging
Ctrl + F5 Bypass Debugger
Ctrl + Alt + Break Break all executing threads

Tool Window

Ctrl + K + B Open Code Snippet Manager Window
Alt + F11 Open Macro IDE Window
Ctrl + K + W Open Bookmark Window
Ctrl + Shift + C Open Class View Window
Ctrl + Alt + A Open Command Window
Ctrl + Shift + O Open Output Window
Ctrl + Shift + E Open Resource View Window
.Ctrl + Shift + S Open Server Explorer
Ctrl + Shift + L Open Solution Explorer
Ctrl + Shift + W Run your Output in Browser

Thank you for the Reading hope you like it. Well I know this is article is not as worthy as you want (“Code”) but still it will really help you Good Day.