Show List Of All Active Users Inside Manage User Profiles

In SharePoint, many of us might have wondered at some point about this question: 

How can we see a list of all active users at once inside Manage User Profiles section in User Profile Service(UPS)?

This question might look silly but it is really a problem. “Manage User Profile” doesn’t show a list of all active users. But it shows the total number of profiles at the top (for ex. 15).

Only when you type in any user name inside the “Find profiles” textbox and click on “Find” button, will you be able to see users matching with that name in the list.


So how to see all users in the list?

Not all active users at once, but yes, definitely you can see the list of all active users for a particular domain.

For this you have to just type the domain name inside the “Find profiles” textbox and click on “Find” button and then it will show all active users for that domain in the list below.


If UPS is having users synced from 2 different domains such as “domain1” and “domain2," to see all users of “domain1,” just type “domain1” or “domain1\” in the Find profiles textbox (without quotes) and click on “Find” button. It will show you all those active users for that domain. Similarly you can see users for other domains.

This is true for SharePoint OnPremise. For SharePoint Online, you can see all users like mentioned in this blog.