Showcasing your talents

Showcasing your talents

You may be an excellent developer with several skillsets to boast of. You may be certified with one or more certifications from top vendors like Microsoft (like an MCTS or so on). You may have troubleshooted some rare scenarios and come up with stunning solutions.

But how will people know all this about you? Sure, there's your CV but that only comes into picture when you apply for a job and may only be seen by prospective employers. But what about the others -  the fellow developers, random clients, the general public at large? How do they discover your talents? The easiest and most recommended way to do this is to get your website (or your blog, if you want to update regularly).  

Some of the popular blogs seen today are listed below:

A lot of your fellow C# corner developers have their own site/blogs - Dhananjay Kumar Karthikeyan Anbarasan Vijai Anand Amit Choudhary

And so on, there are plenty of others.

Creating Blogs and Sites

To create blogs, you have a number of readymade templates and providers to choose from: blogspot, wordpress, and so on.  For websites, again some people seem to prefer using Wordpress templates and then tweaking them to their requirements. But there are a number of people who build websites from scratch. And now that HTML5 is popular across the Web world, a lot of people make use of HTML5 and CSS3 to build their own site. You can also use ASP.NET, PHP, jQuery, Joomla, Drupal and many other such Web technologies to create your website.

Things to keep in mind while creating the website

Besides great content, you need to keep the following things in mind while creating the website:

Language: This is really important. Many people give least importance to good language (including spelling and grammar) while creating their site but they don't realize that when someone visits their site and finds too many instances of bad grammar/spelling mistakes, they may not visit the site again. To attract more visitors to your site, ensure perfection, even in language and grammar.

Clarity: The goal of your website should be clear and concise. Don't try to club too many things into one single site, it will confuse the viewer.

Design: Great websites come with great design. A visually appealing website is bound to have thousands of visitors.

Today, there are hundreds and thousands of resources on the Internet to help with all of the above, right from grammar checking to design checking and validating, you can find tools for everything on the Web. Make use of them, be creative, and put up your website.

Once the website is ready, inform people about it through social networking, blog comments, and your email signature. Every time you send an email, attach your website URL, that will automatically create publicity for your site.

Do post in your comments here, if you have already created a good website and would like people to know about it.