Silver|ight Assemblies

Silverligh Assemblies

Silver|ight applications must reference the .NET framework assemblies that are installed with silver|ight.
Silver|ight assemblies include the members that can be used int bothe silver|ight-based applications and  .NET applications.
The Silver|ight assemblies include the complie code and XAML document ofr the development of Silver|ight applications.

The following are the various Silver|ight Assemblies with description.


It contains classes that are required by the sliverlight app. to create a user interface.


Ti loads the toobox items in Visual Studio 2008 for the Silver|ight and MediaPlayer control in the Silver|ight tab.


It is required to define Silver|ight controls.


Ot is used to define controls specialized for Silver|ight and are not bawsed on the WPF. For example The Calendar Control


it Contains classes that are required to interact with HTML Elements.


It contains classes required for XAML processing suck as XmlReader and XMLWriter

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