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As I'm newbie to Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), I like to start WPF by learning some Animation Techniques first. So here I put my first code showing simple animation with FontSize Property. 

About Classes used - 

#1: DoubleAnimation class allows animate between two targeted values of type System.Double. 

Namespace Required         -           System.Windows.Media.Animation 

Controls Used           -          

            1. Button Control (btnAnimate)         

Here I implemented a Code for simple animation of FontSize Property of using DoubleAnimation class.

(Important Note: - Here I only include a portion of code that is required understand the concept of Animation Class)           

The Code:

1. XAML Code for Creating Button Control.

<Grid Height="142">

      <Button Margin="24,20,26,26" Name="btnAnimate"

                  Content="Animation" Click="AnimateOnClick"/>



Listing 1

2. C# Code to Animate FontSize of Button Control.                  


DoubleAnimation animate;    // Declare an object for animation 

//Check FontSize of Button Control & Define Animation Parameters

if (btnAnimate.FontSize == 40.0)

      animate = new DoubleAnimation(40.0, 10.0, TimeSpan.Parse("0:0:1"));


      animate = new DoubleAnimation(10.0, 40.0, TimeSpan.Parse("0:0:1")); 

// Apply Animation to Button Control

btnAnimate.BeginAnimation(FontSizeProperty, animate);

Listing 2 

3. Now execute the Application and see the result (Figure 1).         

Intended Result: 

New Picture.png    New Picture (1).png  

Figure 1: First Run                                                     Figure 2: After Click the Button 


In this writing, using C# & XAML, we have seen how to simply animate any property of control at runtime.


Illustrated WPF, by Daniel M. Solis, Publisher – Apress

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