Simple App using Apache Cordova in Visual Studio

First you need to download Cordova.

Let tell you what Cordova is. Cordova is a mobile development framework which can be used to develop multiple mobile platforms. Cordova can be developed using html, JavaScript, JSON. etc., For more information, click here.

After downloading Cordova follow the below step and create your first Cordova mobile application.

Open Visual Studio->File->New Project->JavaScript->Blank Cordova Application.

New project

Give the name to Cordova application and click ok.


After giving name to the Cordova application it will open a new window like the below image.


Solution Explorer contains a lot of files available in the Cordova application. In WWWit will contain folders like css, script, image and a index.html file.

In that select the index.html and create a html file like the image.


Then click run Ripple icon which is available in the toolbar. It will list Emulators that are installed in visual studio. Then click Ripple which is a browser based Android emulator that allowsu yo to run the mobile application.


Run the application. The output of the application will be shown in browser like the below image.


Have fun using Cordova and creating different apps for your mobile phone.


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