Adding Game Background Using Construct 2


In this blog, you will see how to add a game background screen in Construct 2. Constructor is based on 2D game creation, without using game codings. The game development is similar to the time necessary to make your ideas into reality. There are some initial concepts that must be followed on game creation, Construct 2 is a powerful HTML 5 game creator.
  • It should be very user-friendly.
  • It must have a lot of export options.
  • It should be fairly inexpensive.
  • It must be able to make your creation into reality.
  1. First, install the construct-2(free edition)
  2. Get a licence for construct-2
  3. Collect the game object(online-sprite)


In this blog, the concept is based on adding the Background image with construct 2.
Step 1
Click the File->New->New empty project,
Step 2
An empty layout will be displayed. Now, we need to change the size of the layout in layout properties while the layout size must be (854,480) and a new event sheet must be added and named as game event.
  1. Layout Size (854,480)
  2. Window size (854,480)

Insert Tiled Background

For adding the Tiled background object, double click on the Layout sheet and insert a new object in the dialog box. Now, we can select the Tiled background object,
  1. Width: 1400
  2. Height: 600
  3. Ok
Run Layout
After, press F5 to run layout and default Browser will display the following output.
Finally, build the background screen into construct 2 in the given template.


I hope this blog will be useful for adding a Game Background according to open source game development engine. Thanks for reading and have a nice day.