Skip Failed Actions And Continue To Run The FLOW


You might have come across a scenario where you want your FLOW to continue running no matter if any specific actions fail or succeed.
I had a scenario where I needed to clear existing rows in the table in an Excel worksheet in OneDrive so that I can add new rows in the table. But for the last row in the table (which is not allowed to be deleted in Excel itself) the action fails and stops the FLOW.
So how can I ignore failure of this error and let the FLOW continue to run other actions?


Yes, there is a way to achieve this. Every action in the FLOW has Settings menu to configure multiple properties. We will be using "Configure run after" property to fulfill our needs.
Below are my two actions in the FLOW. If my first action i.e. "Apply to each 2" fails for some reason, I want my FLOW to continue running.
So, select your second action which you want to keep running no matter if previous actions succeed or fail >> click on more menu, settings icon >> Select "Configure run after" option
Check mark the "has failed" option too >> click on Done. As you can see there are four options provided which you can use. We can continue to run the FLOW no matter if specific action is failed or skipped or timed out.
Check out the below screen from my successfully run flow where "Apply to each 2" has failed but still it moved to the next action and completed it.
That’s it. I hope this helps. Thanks for reading.