Tracking Solution History In Dynamics 365

This blog shows how you can track the solution history in Dynamics 365. This will be helpful to you in keeping track of the changes made in your solution.

Traditional Approach

In projects, we have multiple instances where we import and export solutions from Dynamics CRM to ship our changes from one environment to another. And at times, we undertake the approach of cloning an existing solution which we patch up at the later stage of deployment with the solution over other environments.

  • To track the solution import/export earlier, we use some custom solutions which need to be imported in CRM as a separate solution.
  • Multiple tools are available in the XrmToolBox with plugins which can be enabled on the environment to get tracking details of import/export activities in Dynamics CRM

Dynamics CRM 9.1 Onwards

Microsoft Dynamics has been introduced with an entity “Solution History” similar to that of “Plug-In Trace” which holds all the relevant details of activities undertaken over the solutions in Dynamics CRM.


Activities tracked include the following.

  • Import of Solution
  • Export of Solution
  • Cloning of Solution
  • Patching of Solution

Observation/Benefits of Implementing the same

  • View of solution import/export activity along with all the necessary details including start time and end time.
  • Detailed analysis of solution properties; we can even check if it’s a separate solution or a patch.

Feel free to share your queries and, of course, the feedback.