Solution of Problem with Background Images in Android

While building applications for Android Platform,you'll use Background images to your layouts to give a nice look and feel

As im one of those Windows Phone Developers who is trying to port applications to Android platform, i came across different types of events happened while developing.

One of them is,normally in a Windows Phone 7 application i've used a background image size of 1.5 MB.

So when i tried to do the same for Android application,it failed and notified me with an error message like:

"X Application" has stopped.

So i've been looking what i could have done wrong i finally figured out that its the size of image file,causing problem.

i modified it to 600(W) X 840(H) and  lowered its size to 105 KB.

Now its working like a charm.

And here i got it if you use a big picture for Background images your application would stop working.

Hope it helps you!