Some Essential Tools for .NET Developers

1. ReSharper – It’s one of the best tool for Visual Studio Developers. It extends the experience by adding code analysis and refactoring, quick navigation and handy shortcuts and build-in Code generators to save your typing.
2. NCrunch – Instead of running your test s after you write some code, NCrunch will run them as you type. It provides automated concurrent testing in Visual Studio, inline in your IDE.
3. SourceTree – It’s a free Git Client from Altassianthat control all your hosted and local repositories through one simple GUI interface. It’s a great tool for newbies who are transitioning to Git and fully featured for Git experts.
4. LINQPad – It’s a self-professed field for writing and testing LINQ queries. It can also test any C# or VB snippet or program, query database in LINQ or SQL, and comes with autocomplete and integrated debugging, allow you to script and automate easily in any .NET language. LINQPad is very helpful for complex queries with lots of Data function.
5. Fluent Assertions – It’s a powerful assertion library designed to help developers write better and more readable tests. Just annoying a Unit Test which was failed without explaining us why.100% free Fluent is open source and designed to help you clearly name your assertion and provide details, useful failure language.