Some facts of LINUX: "CAN YOU IMAGINE"

So guys be ready to know the some "Can You Imagine" facts of LINUX.

  1. Multiple user can access single machine at a same time, they have different desktop and different work to perform at a time , Your software one can update while you are playing games on your system, CAN YOU IMAGINE.

  2. Enjoy the full control over your operating system. You have source code you can modify it any time . CAN YOU IMAGINE.

  3. You can open web browser , play games, and use pre-installed apps on the running environment while the O.S. is being installed. CAN YOU IMAGINE.

  4. Install almost 100 programs, apps with the help of single command or just go to package manager --> select packages and install packages at a time without rebooting the system. CAN YOU IMAGINE.

  5. Here we have lots of drive format options like XFS, EXT3, EXT4, JFS, FAT, etc. CAN YOU IMAGINE.

  6. Quit worrying about the expiry dates of versions, install once and use it. CAN YOU IMAGINE.

  7. You have complete source code and you can change and modify any time and develop your own new operating system so you can distribute it at free of cost or sale it. CAN YOU IMAGINE.

  8. You can take your settings or O.S with you in flash drive where ever you want to go and use the same settings in different machine. CAN YOU IMAGINE.

  9. PLOP LINUX allow you to boot from the USB drive when your hardware does not support it. CAN YOU IMAGINE.

  10. Portable operating system- Yes you can move O.S installed hard disk drive to new machine and run it without re-installation. CAN YOU IMAGINE.

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