Some Farm Products And Patches Were Not Detected On This Or Other Server, If Products Are Patches Missing Locally

Error: Some farm products and patches were not detected on this or other server, if products are patches missing locally.


After patching a SharePoint 2013 Farm with SP1, I attempted running SharePoint Products configuration wizard and received this error message,

"Error: Some farm products and patches were not detected on this or other servers. If products or patches are missing locally, you must quit this program and install the required products and patches on this server before restarting this wizard. If products or patches are missing on other servers, you must install the required products and patches on the specific servers, and you may then click the Refresh button to perform the status check again."
Cause: To enforce consistency, SharePoint 2013 checks installed product version automatically on running Products configuration wizard. If any server is missing a specific patch, you get this error message and SharePoint will not let the SharePoint Configuration Wizard proceed.


This could be for many reasons. In this article I am providing all the solutions which can be applied to resolve the issue.

Solution 1

Ensure the CU is installed properly to the server, if not try re-installing the CU.

Solution 2

Ensure you run the below command to force the registry for the updates.
  1. From SharePoint Shell, run the 2 commands below on each SharePoint server.
  2. Get-SpProduct – -Local
  3. (Get-SpServer $env:ComputerName).NeedsUpgrade
  4. Confirm “True” is returned Continue with running the SharePoint Products Configuration Wizard
Solution 3

Ensure you follow the below steps.
  1. Central Admin-> select Monitoring from the left-hand navigation and? click the Review Job Definitions link under Timer Jobs
  2. On the Job Definitions page, scroll down and locate the “Product Version Job”
  3. Click on the Product Version Job link to open the job definition. Click on Run Now at the bottom of the page
  4. Now run the SharePoint 2013 Products Configuration Wizard again
Solution 4

Install patches in all servers with similar installers, you can bypass the check by the below command:

psconfig.exe -cmd installcheck -noinstallcheck

Solution 5

Ensure the LPs, Service packs for LPs and CUs are installed the same in the server as compared with other servers.