Some use full cmd command for jar file

Some use full cmd command for jar file

1-To create a JAR file  by using cmd

  command      jar cf jar-file input-file(s)

2-To view the contents of a Jar file 

 command       jar tf jar-file-name

3-To extract the contents of a JAR file

  command      jar xf jar-file

4-To extract specific files from a JAR file

command    jar xf jar-file archived-file(s)

5-To invoke an applet packaged as a JAR file

command  <applet code=AppletClassName.class archive="JarFileName.jar"width=width height=height></applet>

6-To run an application packaged as a JAR file (requires the Main-class manifest header)

command   java -jar app.jar

7-For Signing  jar with the certificate named alias in the keystore.

command   jarsigner -keystore .keystore -storepass password myjar.jar alias




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