SP Virtual Summit Update

Highlights of the Sharepoint virtual summit:
  1. 273 file type in One Drive is allowed
  2. One Drive access on all the devices
  3. Files on demand sharing - internal and external sharing
  4. One Drive - Information policy can be implemented
  5. Microsoft Team
  6. All existing sites to add group capability
  7. New Web parts in SP
  8. Chat workspace
  9. Microsoft Flow
  10. Create mobile app, using MS power apps
  11. Simple approval and feedback flows
  12. Power apps forms inside SharePoint list and library
  13. Instead of Infopath, use Power app
  14. SharePoint communication site integration with Yammer group is fully responsive
  15. Instantly personalize search Web part
  16. Lots of new Web parts and page layouts
  17. New Sharepoint admin screens
  18. Service level encryption from the client key
  19. SP framework extension to the sites and the library, Power apps and flows
  20. MS Graph and Webhooks across the sites and the library
  21. SP framework for Sharepoint 2016 On Premise in SP2