SQL Azure - SQL Database Wizard

Here is the step by step version of, How the Azure SQL database is created. Below is the Wizard to create the SQL Database.

The options are,
  • Name of the database, 
  • Server Configuration - Where the data can be stored.
  • Select Source - A blank database or an example database.
  • Pricing Options.
  • Collation related configurations
  • Resource group to which you are integrated.

Provide the name of the database of your SQL Azure.

Once we try to configure server, a new windo appears indicating whether you want to create a new server and go ahead with the existing server.

Below wizard on the server information provides the detailed list of,
  1. Server Name.
  2. Server Login.
  3. Server Password.
  4. Server Location in the globe.
  5. Option to set the latest Server update.

Setting all the above information, you are set to go.The Server configuration for SQL Azure is configured.


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