SQL Server 2008 SSMS enhancements - Reporting in SQL Server

SQL Server 2008 SSMS enhancements:

  One of the fantastic enhancement with SQL Server 2008 is their enhancement in Reporting services. Everything is given in your hand in a very friendly manner.
  1. You can get the statistics of each individual databases. Even granular information is given to you in a very detailed reports.
  2. Considering, I want some information about a database like -> Disk usage of this database, blocking transactions in the database, Users in the database.

3. Right click on the database -> Reports -> Standard Reports -> Required reports.

Below report shows me the detailed memory structure for my database.
 Now, I have selected "All blocking transaction". This report will provide a detailed analysis on the transactions which is blocking.

User statistics provides the users available in the database. I think, sp_who stored procedure is used to fetch this report :-)


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