SQL Server 2014 Enterprise Edition Installation

As many individuals don't know how to install SQL Server, I am going to explain all the processes in detail so that you won't run into any issues during connectivity.

First you need to download SQL Server Developer Edition or SQL Server Enterprise Edition. 
You can download SQL Server Enterprise Edition from here.
Secondly, if youalso want to use this SQL Server for analysis then you need to download SSDT from here

Note This SSDT is compatible with Visual Studio;s latest version 2015.
Here I will explain all the steps,
Open this Setup.exe file. 
Click on Installation.

Click on First Option.
Click Next.
Click Next.

Check all the relevant fields and Click Next.
 As today's laptops have plenty of space, just click on Select All and click Next.

Check Default Instance and Click Next.

 If you have previously installed Sql Server then uninstall it completely first.

Make all these options according to what is shown in this picture.

Now it's your choice; you can choose Windows Authentication Mode and SQL Server Authentication mode. My recommendation is SQL Server Authentication Mode. When you connect to SQL your user_name will be "sa" and password will be what you entered here.

Click on Add Current User and Click Next.
Click on Add Current User and Click Next. 
Again click on Add Current User and Click Next. 
Write Controller Name written in Picture and Click Next.
That's all, click on install and it will install easily without any error.

If you have any issues regarding Installation just comment down below.

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