SQL Server Differential Backups using T-SQL and SSMS

It is similar to full database backup, Differential backups contain data that has changed since the last full database backup. It is smaller and faster than full database backups. This saves backup time at the cost of increased density. one more important thing it ignores if full backups are with the COPY_ONLY option. Therefore, using differential backups can save available space and speed up the process of making frequent backups to decrease the risk of data loss. At restore time, the full backup is restored first, followed by the most recent differential backup.

 It's not to depend on only one base, create several base of differential backup at different times to the backup files.

Using SSMS

Right click on the database name

Select Tasks > Backup


Select "Differential" as the backup type

Select "Disk" as the destination

Click on "Add..." to add a backup file and type “D:\backup\Testing.DIF"  

Click "OK" to create the backup


Click OK


Using T-SQL

Right down below query in query window. 



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