SQl was initially developed by IBM and later ANSI,  or the  American National Standards Institute, which made it standard. 'SQL' stands for Structured Query Language
SQL is a open source standard.SQL is a Non-procedural language type means, sql statements are executed one at a time.
SQL (Structured Query Language) is a standard language for querying and modifying data in the database. SQL allow you to define, select, modify data.It is used acreoss many different types of databases.It is used for manipulating data when large amount of information is stored.
DDL,DML commands that used for communicating with database like storing ,retrieving and manipulating data.


T-SQL is known as Transact Structured Query Language, which is the product of Microsoft. The purpose of T-SQL is used to provide the sets of tools for the development of a transactional databases.TSQL is an extension of the SQL language. It mainly used for creating application. 
T-SQL is a proprietary standard.T-SQL is a procedural language of SQL, means code will be executed as a block logically and strctured order. 
T-SQL contains procedural programming and local variables.In T-SQL there is a block that used to write function and procedure, there is no interaction with database.

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