Startup App In iOS Using Xcode And Swift 3.0

This is a beginner application and this helps you get started with iOS mobile development, using the Xcode and Swift 3.0.

If you are new to iOS mobile development, I will guide you more with screenshots. 
iOS app creation
Here you need the following prerequisites, 
  • MAC machine or the VM which acts as the MAC.
  • Xcode latest version.
  • Swift 3.0 is the language that I will use throughout my series of this article and other articles.
Steps to create iOS Application for mobile or iPad

The Sample Application is attached with the article.
Create the project in Xcode

Select Single View - iOS Application type  

Name your Application  

#Add project to Source Control [Local] 

#Project Created 

# Select the Main.StoryBoard 

# View Controller - Place where you create your controls 

#Place the Label Control
Modify the content of the control   

# Change color of the Label 

# Run the Project - Play button is also used to execute the project 

#Simulator is initiated to execute the project - iphone & plus simulator is selected in sample [Near Play/Stop option, which you can see] 

# Hello World is executed 

#Happy Learning.