Step By Step Installation Of Cumulative Update On SharePoint Farm

Assume that you have 4 Servers in your farm, 2 APP and 2 Web front end. APP1 is hosting your Central Admin. Also take a note of current SharePoint build number from Manage Server on Farm under system settings.

Thus let's get started with the steps,

  1. Download your latest Cumulative Update or the update; which you want to install from Microsoft official site.

  2. Once downloaded, copy and paste it across all the Servers in Farm.

    Sometimes we also have a file with .cab extension, so make sure that you keep an Application file(.exe) and .cab file in the same folder.

  3. We always start with the Server that host Central Administration in our case was APP1. Thus, we run EXE file on APP1.

  4. After installing it on APP1, we go ahead with APP2, followed by WFE 2 and lastly WFE1.

  5. Once the installation of Cumulative Update is done on all the Servers, go to APP1 Server and run SharePoint Configuration Wizard.

  6. You should run it in same way when you installed Cumulative Update.

  7. After successful completion of SharePoint Config wizard,go to Manage Server on Farm under system settings. It will have the new build value.