Storage Account Capacity

It has always been a common question with many of my customers that if they put their data in an Azure storage account, then what is their actual consumption. Therefore, how we can see consumption details in each storage account that has been used by my organization? Now, MS Azure has released a preview feature called 'Storage Account (Preview)' under the Azure monitor that helps you understand how much data you have in which storage account. In this blog, I will be walking through the same process of how you can find the storage account capacity. Additionally, the capacity hasn't even been serrated in terms of a blob, file, table and queue capacity. One more query which is generally raised by customers and clients is how to know how many transactions have been done per storage account, and what will be the latency?
Please go to the Azure portal, search for monitor and select the monitor services.
Once you will select the monitor services please go to the Insight section. Under that, click on the Storage Account (Preview). Once you will click on that, in that right hand click on the overview. In this section, you will see the latency of your azure storage accounts & Transactions been done until the time or as per the time selection 5 Min to 7 days based on your custom requirements. The below image shows the data for just 4 hrs.
Now, with a custom time setting, you can view the data for more than a month.
We can see the capacity in the Azure storage account. After the overview, there is one option called capacity. Please click on the capacity. You can see the capacity used by complete storage accounts and segregated by utilization of Blob storage account, Table, Queue & File storage accounts. All the discoveries have been completed automatically.
Now you will be able to see the storage capacity used by each storage: Blob, File, Table, and Queue.

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